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Ongoing story of Steam Garden


Steam Garden takes place in a fictional parallel world,  similar to our own late 19th century but with fantastical technology and tribes of adventurers in all corners of the globe. You can enjoy the events purely as an “attraction” but it can be fun to get into the spirit of things and discover more about the story.



その息子の名前はKenny Creationでした。旅の途中で、謎の過去を持つ自称「哲学者」のイギリス人と意気投合し、二人はその船をタイムトラベル機能を持つ飛行船に改造しました。

しかし、科学パイレーツとイギリス東インド会社が追い詰めてきました。 タイムエンジンが未完成の状態で、あらゆる時空世界の旅が始まりました・・・

How it all started: 1870’s, the Pacific Ocean.

Kenny Creation, the young son of a legendary science pirate, steals his fathers amphibious dirigible and sets off on a voyage of adventure, searching for treasure, delicious booze and legendary hookah flavors.

Along the way he meets an Englishman calling himself “Luke Chaos”. This self-styled “philosopher” is haunted by a sinister past, frantically searching for (or possibly running away from?) something. They combine their complimentary strengths to remodel the airship into the world’s first time travelling machine.

Calling themselves the “Tokyo Inventors Society” for an air of respectability, they prepare to make their first time jump, but suddenly their plans are interrupted by mercenaries from the British East India company. With the time engine still incomplete, they find themselves drifting through parallel timelines…

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